Comcast Xfinity TV Plans.

More channels. More savings.Max wired speeds as fast as 50/50 Mbps


Xfinity Cable TV Service Gives You More Ways to Watch

  • Xfinity Instant TV is a cable TV streaming service that lets you watch live TV from broadcast and popular … Enjoy local and national live sports, news and the most popular shows as they air. Add premium channels and channel packs to make sure you get all your favorites.

Xfinity On Demand

  • Featuring the most current TV shows from all the major networks with thousands of options to watch when you want. The latest movies come out a month before Netflix and Redbox®. Enjoy your choices via TV, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, and know that most of Xfinity On Demand movies and shows are free.

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Xfinity from Comcast Simplifies Cable TV Installation.

  • Xfinity from Comcast makes installation simple. A local technician will deliver and install your equipment, and show you how to use it.

    To prepare for your install, make sure you know where all your TVs need to be, and the technician will take care of the rest.

    Your TV service will require a receiver or digital video recorder (DVR). Both of these options are available with HD capability. The rental fee for this equipment is included in your monthly bill.

Xfinity Terms and Conditions