Unlimited Plus for $50/mo.

  • When you open a new line on our $75/mo. plan and sign up for AutoPay, you’ll save $25 each month.
    After 22GB, AT&T may temporarily slow data speeds if the network is busy.
  • Offer ends 10/29/20 in stores & 10/19/20 online. Excludes upgrades. First mo. svc. charge & taxes due at sale.
  • In-store activ. fee is $15. Other restr’s may apply. See details


100GB cloud storage with Unlimited Plus

Free up space on your phone with the AT&T Personal Cloud app. Get 100GB of storage, now included in our $75/mo. Unlimited Plus plan (only $50/mo. with AutoPay). Back up photos, video, and contacts automatically or as you go. Access your files from any device.

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With AT&T PREPAID, you’re in control


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