VoIP phone service with Viasat Voice

With unlimited nationwide calling, clear sound quality, and call forwarding features, VoIP phone service from Viasat Voice provides flexible home communication.


$19.99 /mo

What is Viasat Voice?

Voice is a home phone solution that uses VoIP technology. Traditional phone service sends and receives call signals through copper cable landlines, but VoIP, which stands for voice over internet protocol, sends and receives calls over your internet connection. Voice, the VoIP home phone service from Viasat, is designed to work optimally with Viasat internet to provide the best possible call quality.

Take your home phone with you

Whether you’re in the backyard or walking around the neighborhood, you can answer home phone calls on your smartphone using Simultaneous Ring

Save time

Block annoying robocalls, earily see who’s calling with Caller ID and use Speed Dial to call with a button.

Chat with more friends

Keep up with the whole family through unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Benefits of VoIP

  • Easily forwards calls to your cell phone or other mobile devices, such as laptop computers and tablets
  • Offers standard call flow features such as caller ID, voicemail, and call waiting
  • Places FREE calls to anywhere in the continental United States and Canada
  • Lets you keep your current phone number
  • Doesn’t take away from your monthly internet bandwidth

Satellite internet and Voice make the perfect bundle

Voice makes a great VoIP home phone partner—particularly with Viasat satellite internet. Not only does bundling save you money, it can also save valuable time you’d normally spend dealing with two separate services. You’ll also gain distinct advantages with a consolidated package:

  • Bundle with internet to take $10 off your monthly price ($29.99) for 6 months
  • One bill each month makes it easier to track your plans
  • Your VoIP communications won’t eat into your plan’s monthly bandwidth allowance
  • Viasat internet offers the highest-quality audio available for Voice

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