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Stay connected with CenturyLink Home Phone.


  • Get reliable landline phone service with a crystal-clear connection. CenturyLink Home Phone
  • Service offers local, long distance, and VoIP home phone plans that fit your needs.

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5 Great Reasons

To Have a Home Phone

1. Safety First

In an emergency, landline phones identify your exact location, so first responders can send help.

2. Quality Counts

Landline phone service gets crystal clear, reliable connections with virtually no delays or lag time.

3. Excellent Coverage

Home landline phones always provide excellent coverage because they rely on phone networks not towers with spotty coverage.

4. Security System

Many security systems require a home phone line because landline monitoring is a more reliable method of sending alarms signals.

5. Great Home Phone Plans

There are home phone plans available to talk to family and friends as much as you like – across the country and internationally.

International Calling Plans

The Century™ Calling Plan

Over a hundred countries to choose from. Call anytime you want.

Oh Canada!

Connect with your friends and family in the Great White North.

Enjoy our reduced rates to Mexico
and other Latin American Countries.

Flexible plans that connect you with friends and family in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

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